If you are a home owner you should have an emergency plumbing company on standby, just in case. Your home is an investment and with any investment there are risks and maintaining the property is the best way to reduce the risks associated with owning a home. Part of your home maintenance is ensuring the plumbing is in proper working order and that the pipes are clean of any rust or other debris. Your standard plumbing company can handle any of your problems and of course regular maintenance, but what if there is an emergency?

With most plumbing emergencies there is a need for immediate response to the problem. In order to protect your home from further damage and risk your investment you need someone to come out now. Your standard plumbing company works during regular business hours, so what do you do if your plumbing emergency happens during the weekend, late at night or even on a holiday?

You can find a variety of emergency plumbing companies in your area and the internet offers the most efficient way to locate them and compare services. You want a company that arrives promptly after the call and shows up with a fully stocked and professional truck ready to handle even the toughest of jobs. There is no sense in wasting your money on an emergency call in the middle of the night if the plumber is not properly prepared for the emergency and will have to wait for regular business hours to locate the parts you need, so do your homework before hiring a company.

Some of the most common reasons home owners call on an emergency plumbing service are:

Sewer Backups: These can be nasty and create a lot of damage to the home if left untreated. The sooner you can get someone out to your home after a sewer backup the easier the cleanup will be and the better chance you have of saving your investment.

Water Heater Bursting: Water heaters tend to leak and when they do, it can be devastating to the home. Mold is a major concern with any amount of water sitting in one area for any length of time so promptness in cleanup is a necessity.

Busted Pipes: Pipes burst due to freezing, corrosion or faulty installation or poor materials and can create a huge problem for home owners. Shutting off the water will temporarily fix the problem, but a professional needs to be called out to ensure the cleanup is complete and that the pipes are replaced in order to restore water to the home.

Flooding: Bad weather can occur without warning and with a large amount of rainfall in a short period of time many home owners experience flooding through their foundations, into their basements or through their roofs.

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