As a home owner you know that feeling of despair when you notice your sink won’t drain, or your standing in the shower with water above your ankles, or worse yet that black smelly substance gurgling and coming up out of your drain. Many home owners are at a loss when it comes to dealing with a clogged drain and aside from using a commercial drain cleaner they have no idea what to do when it occurs. The article below will guide you through cleaning sewer lines and clearing any clogs that are in your drains.

The first step to clearing a clogged drain is to determine which drain is the culprit. There are separate waste removal lines that run from inside your home and feed directly into a larger main line. Most homes will have a soil line that will carry kitchen sink and toilet waste to the main line and a waste line that handles showers and bathroom sinks. Once you determine where the clog is you can use the commercial chemical drain cleaner to try to clear the lines. If this does not work, then you need to move on to more advanced methods of sewer cleaning.

Jet Blasting for Sewer Cleaning

A sewer jet is an effective way to clean your sewer lines and septic tank and restore your pipes. The sewer jet is a powerful tool and will relieve pipes and sewer lines of any blockage that stands in their way. After you use the sewer jet it is recommended to test the integrity of your pipes with a hydraulic line tester. Many times existing leaks will be disguised by debris that was blocking the leaks and once you have blasted the clogs away the leaks will become evident and troublesome. This allows you to repair the leaks right away and avoid any costly water bills or any damage to your home.

Cleaning and Unclogging Sewer Drains

The first place to look is inside the home at the trap and trap arm. Outside the home you can remove the plug or cap and run a snake through it to help clear debris. Run cold water with the snake, not hot, to moisten the residue and wash the line clean. Always use a GFI (ground fault interrupter) with the electrical cord to help prevent electrical shock. Once the line is cleared use a jet blaster to clean the lines from any rust scales that were left behind.

Maintenance Sewer Cleaning and Drain Cleaning

Once a month pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of white vinegar down your drain. After an hour has passed, flush the drain with warm water.

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