If you purchased your dream home, but the bathroom is not so dreamy, renovate it. Many renovations can be done without removing any plumbing work, and others require only a minimal amount of pipe re-routing.

You can save money on your remodel by doing a large portion of the work on your own, and that savings adds to the equity the renovation creates for your home. The renovation process includes:

  • Assessing your current situation
  • Determining available space for renovation
  • Planning a design that works
  • Ensuring function and design are what you want
  • Deciding what you can do yourself, and what jobs need an expert
  • Obtaining permits
  • Décor and design

Assessing your current situation involves looking at the space closely and determining what you are not getting out of the space that you need. Sometimes the space can be utilized as is, with minor improvements to get everything you need from the space.

Determining the available space for renovation includes surrounding walls, closets, and even nearby bedrooms. Foundation walls cannot be removed, but any other wall can to get you the space you need.

Once you know what space is available, or if you are using an existing space, you can begin working on a design plan. The design should offer the function and design that you want and need.

You then need to determine what work you will do on your own, and what work you will hire someone to do. Removing pipes and re-routing piping systems can be a tough job for someone without experience. Often times, you save money to hire a professional to do the work you have no experience with.

Either you or the contractor you hire will be responsible for pulling the proper permits for the job. If there is electrical work, structural changes, or plumbing changes involved, permits for each portion of the job may be required.

The décor and design are easily done by yourself, or with the help of a professional. The color on the wall, the flooring, tile, fixtures, and any other items in the bathroom should offer the function you need, as well as the look you want. You can hire a designer to come in and help you determine how to get the best use of the space you created, but that is really more beneficial before construction begins. A professional designer has an eye for design that you may not, and can often suggest small changes within a contractors design to help get more use from the space.

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