The temperature of your water is not just a comfort issue; it is a safety concern as well. A temperature control valve should be installed to ensure your water never reaches temperatures that are scalding. If you are not sure you have a control valve on your water system, contact a professional plumber.


Many people like having hot water that is close to scalding in their kitchen, but it is not safe. If you are able to brew tea, make instant oatmeal, or sterilize a bottle with the water from your kitchen faucet, your temperature is set too high.

The water in your dish washer will still heat up to the temperature needed to ensure clean and sparkling dishes, but you have to adjust your temperature so that the water is not dangerous.


The bathroom plays the largest risk in the role of your water temperature. The bathtub faucet creates the most concern, as with higher temperatures, the risk for scalds and burns increases. Small children who like to grab knobs and turn them can quickly end up with extreme burns if the temperature is not controlled properly.

Many of the burns are a result of other appliances in the home simultaneously using the water with the shower. The person in the shower could end up with a serious burn if someone flushes the toilet, uses the sink, or if the washing machine kicks in the rinse cycle.

These reasons create a serious need for a water temperature control valve to be installed and properly set to a safe maximum temperature.

There is a balance between comfort and safety; you just need to find yours. There is never a reason for scalding hot water to come out of any of your faucets, for safety reasons as well as energy conservation.

The reduced temperatures reduce the amount of energy that is needed to create and produce hot water in your home. Turning the temperature down on your water can save you hundreds of dollars each year on your utility bills. If safety is not enough to get you to make the change, maybe saving some money will be enough.

Any professional and licensed plumber is capable of installing and setting a temperature control valve. Contact a plumber today to ask about what they can do to help ensure the safety of the people in your home. Homes with older occupants often require a much lower setting to ensure they are not burned while bathing or using the sink.

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