One of the first investment you should make as a homeowner is a sewer snake. While most drain clogs in the home don’t require a sewer snake having one on hand when you need one saves a lot of time and stress. They are fairly inexpensive and should be in your arsenal of home maintenance tools.

What Is a Sewer Snake?

A sewer snake is a long flexible tool that can be worked down the drain to clear a clog. They have an auger at one end and a hand crank at the other end to help you work the auger through the drain and any blockage. There are also snakes that are motorized that you can buy for home use.

Toilet snakes or augers are specifically designed to use in the toilets plumbing.

When Should You Use One?

A sewer snake should be used when drain cleaners have failed to clear the clog. Stubborn clogs may need to be broken up by the auger in order to clear the drain. When using drain cleaners always give it time to work and be careful if you are using one after poring drain cleaner into the drain. Many drain cleaners have caustic chemicals that can burn the skin and eyes so be careful not to splash the cleaner.

How to Use a Sewer Snake

Non-slip gloves are the essential piece of accessories that you should always use when you are working with a sewer auger or snake. Always have a bucket available before you start and a towel would not be a bad idea to have handy. If you have used drain cleaner initially to try to clear the clog a pair of goggles is essential to protect your eyes from chemicals.

Initially push the sewer snake into the drain and crank the handle clockwise. When the auger makes contact with the clog you will be able to feel it. Pull the auger back slight and continue to crank clockwise and help the auger drive through the clog more easily. Once the drain seems to be clear you should pull the blockage out with the auger end and dump it in the bucket. This will assure that the blockage will not re-occur. Take note of what caused the blockage remembering that food parts and oil and grease should never be sent down the drain in the kitchen and hair is a major problem for bathroom drains.

This is not a hard tool to use and should clear most blockages you come across in your home, so you might consider adding a sewer snake to your arsenal if you’re more of the do-it-yourself type of person. And if you’re not, then we’re always here for you. : )

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