Replacing an old toilet with a new one is a simple task. The job does not require a professional plumber, just a little time, some patience, and a few helpful steps.

Learn the Toilet Anatomy

Before you begin with the replacement, learn the basic toilet anatomy. The instructions with your new toilet should display all the parts of the toilet, labeling them and displaying their names and location.

Lay Out Old Towels

Before you remove the old toilet, have a place ready to sit it. Use old towels, newspapers or rags to sit the old toilet on.

Drain Water

Shut off the water supply to the toilet and flush the toilet several times. The flushing is done to remove the water inside the tank and bowl. Scoop out any remaining water in the bowl.

Disconnect the Toilet

Unscrew the nuts on either side of the toilet base and remove them. Loosen the seal around the base of the toilet from the floor with a razor knife. Lift the old toilet straight up and set it aside on the old towels.

Position the New Bowl

If the old wax ring did not lift away with the old toilet, remove it and clean the area for the new toilet. Position the new wax ring on the outlet of the new toilet. Make sure the toilet flange is tight and shows no signs of corrosion. Apply caulk to the very bottom base of the toilet and position it in place. Make sure the drain pipe is cleared before setting the toilet in place. Add pressure to ensure the toilet is secured to the floor.

Fasten to the Floor

Tighten the washers and nuts onto the toilet bolts. Be sure not to tighten too much, this can cause a porcelain toilet to crack. Make sure the toilet is level. If it is not level, plastic shims can be used to stabilize and level the toilet. Fill the cap covers with plumbers putty and replace them over the bolts.

Attach the New Tank

Set the new tank in place and attach it with the included nuts and bolts. Make sure the tank sits level on the toilet. Position the lid in place and connect the toilet. Make sure the compression nut is tightened on the connection. Apply caulk around the base of the toilet to seal it to the floor. Use a wet finger to smooth out the bead of caulk for a clean and professional look.

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