PVC pipe is the most used pipe for plumbing in the 21st century. The first use in the United States began in the mid-1950s. The pipe can be manufactured in various sizes and is virtually shock absorbent and bacteria resistant. This makes the ideal pipe for sewer lines and many other residential applications. It is ideal for areas where earthquakes occur.

Repairing PVC pipe is rather easy and is a job a do-it-yourselfer can accomplish with very little previous experience.

The following steps should be followed to repair a damaged or broken PVC pipe:

  1. Assemble your tools. You’ll need a hacksaw some PVC pipe of the right diameter and the PVC sealant.
  2. Turn off the water supply.
  3. Cut a section of the pipe that has damage with a hacksaw. Cut at least six inches beyond the damaged area. This way you make sure all the damage to the pipe has been removed.
  4. Measure the new pipe and cut it with hacksaw a little shorter than the section you are replacing so that it can be connected with couplings.
  5. Coat the inside of one of the couplings with the sealant and slide it onto the end of the new pipe. Do the same thing for the other side of the new pipe. Leave about half of the coupling off the end of the pipe so that it will fit over the old pipe.
  6. Put sealant on the edges of the existing pipe and put the new section in place. Make sure the joint is covered thoroughly to avoid leaks.
  7. Allow the sealant to dry in accordance with instructions for the sealant.
  8. Once the sealant is dry turn the water back on and check for links.

PVC pipe is a versatile easy to use product that is ideal for sewer lines and residential and commercial buildings well as industrial applications. It’s ability to absorb shock without being damaged makes it excellent for any area where natural disasters may occur.

With the wide use throughout the United States in the 21st century, PVC pipe will be here for our lifetime. With proper installation PVC pipe is virtually indestructible.

The cost is reasonable, and the installation is easy.

You will even see other uses for PVC pipe such as casual furniture, art and creative projects in the home.

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