A shower is one of the best ways to de-stress aching muscles and back tension. Taking a shower with the right amount of pressure can help headaches, skin problems, and fatigue. Buying a new showerhead requires a little knowledge that can go a long way. Installing it is even easier.

Choosing the Right Showerhead

When choosing a showerhead, pressure and the fixture type should be considered. The amount of pressure depends on the amount of water that it can release in a given amount of time. For showerheads, their efficiency is measured in gallons-per-minute. You’ll notice that the higher GPM showerheads will be the most forceful.

If you have the type of job where you move around a lot and bend and lift heavy items, a traditional, full spray showerhead can be beneficial. It will cover a larger area of the body and provide massaging tension release. Full sprays usually have many different settings, like the massage setting that is harder, more intense drops. Overhead showerheads are better for those who don’t want as much pressure. They provide a less intense experience.

Getting Ready to Install It

Before you start, make sure that you have a wrench like an 8″ adjustable one, and be sure to have some plumber’s tape. Follow these steps to get your new shower experience:

  1. Put your wrench around the piece that connects the wall to the showerhead. Turn it towards the left several times.
  2. When you feel the showerhead coming loose, use your hands to keep turning it to the left until it comes off.
  3. Take a rag and clean the black goo if there is any lining the pipe that comes off the wall.
  4. Get the plumber’s tape handy. Wrap the end of the pipe connected to the wall with the tape.
  5. Fit the showerhead onto the end of the pipe by gently inserting it onto the taped part. Turn it to the right if needed.

You can recycle the old showerhead once you’ve set up the new one. As long as you are careful to not break any of the pipes or tiles, these do-it-yourself plumbing tips will save you money and increase your quality of life. Choose a showerhead that fits your needs and install it in just minutes. You’ll be doing your home and body a favor.

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