When you flush your toilet, does it swirl down slower than it used to? Does it seem like you stand around for minutes worrying that your toilet is broken? If so, you may be able to correct the problem yourself. Most who experience these problems will buy several products that promise to work. If you find that your toilet still flushes slowly, consider cleaning out the rinse holes for free using a mirror and coat hanger. Rather than spending money going to a plumber who can charge over $100 for a routine visit, try out this creative tip that has helped out others.

Factors that Contribute to Clogged Rinse Holes

One example of a situation that often leads to clogged rinse holes is a toilet that is used by a large number of people, especially children. Children tend to use the toilet more haphazardly. The more people that use it in general, the dirtier the toilet may get.

Another major factor is if you have hard water. Hard water contains large traces of minerals that can become encrusted into each other, forming a yucky substance in the rinse holes.

Get Your Materials Together

Many people who experience toilet problems purchase expensive liquids that promise to clean out your toilet within minutes. Often, the products recommend that consumers buy two bottles for particularly clogged toilets. Unfortunately, these liquids may not clean out the rinse holes that can get clogged.

Identify Blocked Rinse Holes

Grab a mirror that is a larger than a compact-sized one. The mirror needs to be big enough so that you can see the reflection of the rinse holes, but small enough so that you can maneuver it. Lift up the toilet seat and place the mirror so as to see the reflection of the rinse holes. The holes are located on the inside of the bowl, at the top. The holes will be on the opposite side of the tank; in other words, they’re on the part of the bowl closer to you. Look to see if the holes seem clogged. A blackish gook may be present. Use the coat hanger with one hand while holding the mirror with the other. Using the tip of the hanger, clean out the rinse holes. Flush several times afterwards, and keep cleaning out the goo. Repeat this procedure as many times as needed. Now you can feel proud that you took care of a task with your own plumbing and do-it-yourself skills.

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