In many cases when you remodel a room such as a bathroom you will not be required to alter the plumbing design in the room, but there are just as many instances where you will.

If you plan on keeping the layout of your bathroom the same and do not plan on adding any new fixtures you can keep the original bathroom plumbing intact and just replace new fixtures right in the same spot where the old ones were.

When it comes to installing new showers or tubs you may need to make some bathroom plumbing changes, even if the shower or tub is not being moved. You may be installing a larger tub or a more sophisticated showering system that includes jets. If you update your shower then chances are you will need to update and reroute your shower plumbing as well in order to gain the right pressure and positioning you need. You will have the same issues with a larger tub, ones that includes jets or Jacuzzi type features. The old plumbing in place for your original tub may not accommodate the changes you are making.

Many times when you are updating a small bathroom, removing the large vanity is the first change that is made. Replacing the old vanity with a pedestal sink adds more space to the room and makes it appear larger that it is. You may have been planning on keeping the sink in the same position but once you remove the vanity you find out that the pedestal sink will not be centered properly with the existing plumbing or it may be showing, creating a very unattractive look to your new room.

Basically, if you are planning on keeping the original fixtures or you plan to replace them with new, close to identical types of fixtures that will remain in the same place where the original ones were then you may not be required to make any bathroom plumbing changes.

If you plan on updating your fixtures with newer, more sophisticated fixtures that offer more features than your original ones or you plan on moving them to create a new layout for the room then you will be required to make bathroom plumbing changes. It is always a good idea to call in a professional plumber before wasting your money on costly mistakes trying to do the job yourself.

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