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Drain Patrol is a licensed contractor (CSLB #841408). We come to an individual’s household to resolve the situation, not try and up sell you on services you don’t need. We have been plumbing San Diego family homes for a long time, discovering all sorts of things along the way. People have confidence in us for their plumbing needs again and again. This isn’t by mistake. Our plumbers are tremendously skilled individuals in their industry.

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Tips for Hiring a San Diego Plumber

Seek the services of a plumber that come strongly recommended. A name in the telephone directory is no guarantee of honesty, ability or professionalism. Don’t let these folks practice their plumbing or marketing skills on you.

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What To Expect From a San Diego Plumbing Company

You might think that when it comes to plumbing services, any plumbing company will do. The truth is, there are so many differences in the companies you choose and without knowing what to look for you could end up with wasted time and wasted money. You should know what you are looking for and what you expect from the company before you ever hire.


One key component that makes up a great company is their professionalism. When you first call the plumber you should take note of how you are treated by the person on the other end of the phone. How clients are treated when they call in say a lot about how they will be treated with service. Is the person friendly, helpful and informative? If you are asking questions and feel as though you are getting brushed off or talked to in a manner in which you find condescending, you might want to just hang up and make another phone call.

Check out the plumbing company’s profile on the internet; see what others are saying about them. Check out their website if it is available and gather as much information on the company as you can. By reading reviews posted on the internet at various websites you can get a feel for the company and its service agenda. If the company has work vans or trucks, take a visit and see if they are cleaned, organized and properly stocked. This may be an unnecessary step for most people but the organization and cleanliness of the trucks or vans can really say a lot about the company’s overall professionalism.

Plumbing Experience

The plumbing company you choose should have enough experience to handle the job you are requiring them to complete as well as the background experience in the related field. If you are doing a complete bathroom remodel, be sure that the company you have selected has the proper experience to take on the huge task. Ask for a portfolio of past work and get numbers to contact clients and ask about their satisfaction level. If you are just having a leaky faucet looked at it may not be necessary for you to ask about experience on that level. You do of course want to ensure they have the proper certifications and licenses required by your state to perform the work.

Check out the plumbing company’s background by contacting the Better Business Bureau and ensure they do not have any complaints filed against them or their staff.

Quality Work

The plumber you choose should have the same idea about quality as you do. This basically means if you are not worried about quality, then go with a company that uses cheaper materials, but if you do care about quality workmanship and materials, make sure the company has the same beliefs.

It may seem easier to just spend a little less at the moment and get the job done, but in the long run it could actually end up costing you more than you saved. Take for example, if you are using PVC or other cheap materials you can expect that you will have to deal with damage much sooner than if you used copper piping. The quality of the material can save you a bundle in future plumbing calls. There are alternative materials that offer more benefit than copper piping and are more affordable, ask the plumber if they use these products.

Plumbing Insurance and Warranty

The plumber you select is required to carry Workers Compensation as well as liability insurance. This is to protect you, your home and your assets from any cost related to damage or accidents while the plumbing service is onsite. If for instance, there is an oil spill on the carpet, the plumbing company would be liable and not you or your homeowners policy. The same holds true if one of the crew is hurt on the job, the Workers Compensation insurance would kick in and you would not be held liable for the injuries, unless of course you actually caused them.

If when you speak to the plumbing company about the insurance policy and they are unwilling or unable to produce a copy for you to review, move on and find another company. Reputable companies have no issue with showing you a copy of their policy; in fact it is usually standard procedure. So, keep in mind that if they don’t want to show it, there has to be a reason. You do not want to find out that they had a lapse in their coverage after something happens at your home and you try to file a claim.

When it comes to warranty work, be sure you get a clear picture as to what the company means when they say warranty. Are they giving a guarantee on the labor, the parts, both or just one? You need to know what the manufacturer’s warranty is on parts and of course you will be charged labor fees again if they come back out due to a bad part, but what if they installed something incorrectly? Find out if they are responsible for both parts and labor costs if something malfunctions due to improper installation. Also you need to find out if you are going to be put on a priority list to complete the warranty work or if you go on the back of the schedule. In most instances you can get a solid answer from the plumber company you are working with as to how they handle warranty work. If you feel they don’t have an answer now, don’t be surprised if they don’t have one when you need them to come out. You want to ensure that all details are handled and that you are comfortable with the plumber you choose, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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